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Children first  of cleveland collage nursery room 6weeks  12 month

Happy Tunes

(6 weeks to 12 months old)

Your child will experience an introduction to a regular routine in this classroom, while your infant's own individual needs, mood, and temperament determine his or her activities of the day. Physical movement and interaction with other babies promote maximum brain development. Connection to others and personal physical development is the key in our infant world.
Features of this classroom include diapers being checked every two hours, children being fed on demand, and sleep being offered when required by the child. We provide a language-rich environment accentuated by songs and music. 

The benefits of our Infant Care program include:
  • One-to-one interactions with staff members include cuddling, holding, and talking to promote cognitive development and a secure attachment to adults.
  • Floor and tummy time for exercise such as rolling over, kicking, sitting, crawling, reaching, and grasping to promote brain connections and meet first-year physical benchmarks.
  • A community atmosphere is encouraged to enhance interactions among children as well as begin recognizing others' expressions of emotions.
  • Contact between families is welcomed to create a supportive environment of shared experiences during your child's first year of life.
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Children first  collage 1 2 year olds

Little Ducklings

(12 months to 24 months old)

This age is full of inquisitiveness and adventure. Teachers provide an active lesson plan that includes a wide variety of movement activities for children to participate in, as well as restructuring the physical classroom to create interest and capture their fast-moving attention.
Features of this classroom included diapers checked every two hours, one afternoon nap, and the introduction of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This program encourages healthy eating of diverse nutritious foods. A low-sugar breakfast with whole milk, a nutritionally balanced lunch with whole milk, and a wholesome snack are served daily. 

The benefits of our Toddler Care program include:
  • Individual and group floor activities encourage children to play together using similar materials, experiment with different ways your child's body can move, explore balance, and stimulate your child's imagination.
  • Table and small group activities help your child identify and recall familiar objects, observe problem-solving, promote creativity and investigate the use of drawing tools.
  • Teacher interactions and connections allow a child to seek to comfort herself or himself, use everyday language to introduce vocabulary, and enhance independence skills.
  • Active participation of the child in personal care activities in cooperation with teachers, while attending to the child's needs boosts the self-assurance and confidence of your child. 
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Kat's Korner

(24 months to 3 years old)

For our toddlers, the day is balanced with activities led and choreographed by teaching staff but seeks input from the children on their interests and desires. Many cognitive activities are planned and implemented that assist with this important stage of social development. Teachers work on identifying children's feelings and supporting them to self-reliantly manage his or her own feelings constructively.

Features of this classroom include potty training and one afternoon nap. This group participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This program encourages healthy eating of diverse nutritious foods. A low-sugar breakfast with 1% or fat-free milk, a nutritionally balanced lunch with 1% or fat-free milk, and a wholesome snack are served daily. Children enjoy a daily visit to the Center's playground. Books are prominently displayed for children to explore and for teachers to model reading skills to the group. 

The benefits of our Toddler Program include:
  • Literacy and language activities include language skills, spoken words, written words, group stories, and some sign language
  • The children learn to take personal responsibility for their own physical needs and are encouraged to try new and challenging tasks
  • Children learn about feelings and emotions including how to express them in a healthy manner
  • Children are empowered to communicate their interests and participate in decision making
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Collage children


( 3 to 4 years old)

This classroom utilizes the Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold Assessments to track an individual child's progress as she or he learns and practices skills. Formal assessments are accomplished three times per year and goals are set for areas of growth. Teachers' lesson plans are intentional and directed toward developing fundamental school and life skills. Group time and individual activities may be teacher or child initiated and are play based in nature.

Some features of this classroom are children are fully potty trained by this age, and should be able to manage their own use of the restroom. Children generally participate in one afternoon nap. This group participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This program encourages healthy eating of diverse nutritious foods. A low-sugar breakfast with 1% or fat-free milk, a nutritionally balanced lunch with 1% or fat-free milk, and a wholesome snack are served daily. Children enjoy at least one daily visit to the Center's playground. The dinosaur's in-classroom library is stocked with an assortment of books to expand your child's comfort level with books. Teachers also enjoy sharing book time. 

The benefits of our Dinosaurs  program include:
  • The classroom activities enhance your child's Social-Emotional competency. This curriculum assists your child in regulating his or her own emotions and behaviors, establishing and sustaining positive relationships, and participating in groups cooperatively and constructively.
  • The Dinosaur classroom continues personal physical development. The curriculum supports your child in demonstrating traveling skills, balancing, gross motor manipulative skills, and fine motor strength and coordination.
  • The Preschool classroom promotes constructive language expansion by strengthening your child's ability to listen to and understand complex language, using language to express thoughts and needs, and practicing appropriate conversation.  This classroom encourages developmentally appropriate cognitive growth in your child.

The curriculum creates positive approaches to learning,

1) Reinforcing a child's ability to remember and connect experiences,

2) Cultivating classification skills,

3) Teaching your child to use images to represent something not present in the classroom,

4) Introducing Phonological Awareness which reinforces his/her knowledge of the alphabet,

5) Gaining knowledge of print and its uses,

6) Comprehending and responding to books and other texts, and

7) Demonstrating emergent writing skills

Mathematic skills such as number concepts and operations, spatial relationships, measures, comparisons, and patterning are studied.
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3 4 year old collage children first of cleveland

Panda & Polar Bears

(Panda Bears –  4 years old)
(Polar Bears – 5 years old)

The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment are used in this classroom and identify over 50 learning objectives in (9) Domains. These Domains include Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies and the Arts. 

The benefits of our Panda & Polar Bears program include:
Skills in the Social Emotional Domain include:

1) Controlling strong emotions in an appropriate manner most of the time,

2) Identifying basic emotional reactions of other children and describing their cause accurately, and,

3) Sharing of materials in the classroom as well as outdoors.

Skills in the Language Domain include:

1) Engaging in complex, lengthy conversations of five or more exchanges,

2) Telling elaborate stories that refer to other times and places, and

3) Following directions of two or more steps without additional prompting

Skills in the Cognitive Domain include:

1) Solving problems without having to try every possibility,

2) Showing eagerness to learn about a variety of topics and ideas, and

3) Changing plans if a better idea is thought of or proposed

Skills in the Literacy Domain include:

1) Recognizing and naming at least 10 letters, especially in their own name,

2) Knowing the features of a book, and

3) Retelling a familiar story in proper sequence, including major events and characters.

This classroom maintains the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) with a low sugar breakfast with 1% or low-fat milk, a nutritionally balanced lunch with 1% or low-fat milk, and a wholesome snack as well as an afternoon rest period. Two restrooms are conveniently located in the classroom.
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Children first  of cleveland collage after school program


(5 to 11 years old Summer Program)

The week begins with Library Monday. School Age children have the opportunity to visit our local library with a librarian to guide your child through a full experience of the library. In addition, the school-agers check out books that they will practice reading all week and on Friday morning they will demonstrate their reading skills to the younger classrooms.

Tutoring Tuesday gives our School Age children the opportunity to focus on their studies. They support each other by sharing the knowledge they possess and are challenged to accomplish work for their next grade. Technology time is also provided today with our onsite tablets and laptops.

Work Out Wednesday is popular among our participants. School Agers get to choose not only an activity to challenge them physically, but also the location for the event to occur. Kickball, frisbee, catch, and tag are among the favorites.

Thursdays are typically our Field Trip day, but trips can punctuate the week with visits to the Aquarium, Science Center, Art Museum, Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum, West Side Market, Mitchell's Ice Cream Shop, and a cruise on the Nautica Queen, just to name a few.

Friday is our almost weekly trip to the Splash Pad at Public Square. The heat of the summer is relieved as we splash, splatter, and spray among the dancing water of the fountains. Creative fun abounds in this unique experience.

Everyday School Agers have an all-access pass to our Playground to create more summer memories.

This age group also participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Children are provided a nutritious breakfast with 1% or fat-free milk, a balanced lunch with 1% or fat-free milk, and wholesome afternoon snack. Downtime activities are provided to meet the needs of the children and balance out the day.
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