Dinosaurs (3 – 4 Yrs)

(Chronologically 3 to 4 years old)


In the Dinosaurs classroom, the goal for a child is to become more independent through various activities and experiences. We are striving to have your child do many things for himself or herself by using his/her five senses. We seek to allow your child to grow at his or her own pace by participating in planned Teacher activities, child initiated activities and independent work while receiving positive encouragement for her/his accomplishments and skill building. Your child will explore social interaction with guidance from the classroom professionals.

Our Teaching Staff seeks to create a positive learning experience for your child to prepare him or her for a Kindergarten setting. Exciting field trips and outdoor learning experiences are also part of our children’s development plan. There are 36 learning objectives for your child in 9 learning domains. They are Social-Emotional, Physical (Gross and Fine Motor), Language, Cognitive, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Literacy, Social Studies and The Arts.